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    Centralized Nuclear Training: NEXA™'s Path to Efficiency

    Discover the benefits of centralized nuclear training with NEXA™. Enhance safety, reduce costs, and boost careers in the nuclear industry.

    Adaptive Learning & AI: The Next Generation of Nuclear Training

    Humans use forms of artificial intelligence (AI) every day. Chances are, you have an AI-based personal assistant within arm’s reach right now.

    Engaging Students Through Gamification

    Gamification has been proven to be an effective strategy in learning over the last few decades.

    Virtual Instructor-Led Training: It’s Much More Than Zoom

    Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, is education facilitated by an instructor that can occur in a synchronous (live) or asynchronous (self-scheduled or reviewed) virtual format.

    Empowering Adult Learners with Artificial Intelligence

    Created by ChatGPT and Jessika Hernandez Since my blog topic this month is focused on AI, I thought why not let AI create it?

    Power Plant Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics of Electricity Generation

    Do you think electricity is the cat’s pajamas? Chances are you do, especially since we’ve been experiencing a sweltering summer. Electricity is an indispensable part of our lives, but have you even sat in reflection on where it comes from? The answer is in power plants,...

    Westinghouse, Tecnatom and Accelerant Solutions Join Forces

    Westinghouse, Tecnatom and Accelerant Solutions Join Forces to Create Nuclear Training Program in U.S., Canada