Introducing PLANT™ – NEXA™'s way of redefining Training Excellence with Advanced Simplicity!

Elevate your training process with PLANT, our cutting-edge content management authoring tool designed to transform your training experience. Eliminate complexity in the revision process as PLANTstreamlines every aspect of configuration control, making storing, retrieving, and revising documents a breeze. Imagine the power of having a single, authoritative source for all your diagrams and documents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every step. PLANT doesn’t just simplify, it engages. Keep your trainees captivated with our interactive activities, 3D models, and XR experiences that enhance their learning journey. Experience a new era of training, where technology and simplicity converge to set the stage for success. Unleash the power of a single tool that drives efficiency and engagement.

Introducing CORE™ - Your Path to Streamlined Learning Excellence!

Let us help you unveil a new era of training efficiency with CORE, our interactive fundamentals training platform meticulously designed to elevate your learning experience. Say goodbye to traditional constraints as CORE revolutionizes the way you learn, saving you valuable time and resources. By minimizing instructor time and content management overhead, and dramatically reducing classroom hours, CORE empowers you to master generic fundamentals with unparalleled ease.




Get ready for the evolution of training with CORE™2.0, a game-changer developed right within our advanced PLANT™ platform. We’re thrilled to announce that in 2024, we’ll be unleashing CORE™2.0 to redefine the way you experience interactive fundamentals training. Building on the success of our original CORE™, this new version takes innovation to the next level. With more in-depth features and an even more user-friendly interface, CORE™2.0 is your ticket to a training journey like no other. Imagine mastering essential concepts seamlessly, backed by cutting-edge technology that keeps you engaged and empowers your growth. Stay tuned for the launch of CORE™2.0 – a fusion of excellence and innovation, all within the reach of your fingertips through our PLANT platform. Prepare to embark on a new era of training excellence in 2024.

Introducing SOUL™ - Introducing SOUL™ - Empower Your Organization's Knowledge Potential through Digital Transformation!

We’ve unleash a new era of knowledge management with SOUL, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to capture and amplify your company’s wisdom. You can harness the power of digital transformation and social collaboration to transform knowledge into a valuable asset. SOUL seamlessly captures, disseminates, and monetizes your company’s knowledge. By transforming insights into actionable value, SOUL propels your you forward. Join us in the journey of turning knowledge into an unstoppable force with SOUL, where digital innovation and collaboration converge to drive your company’s success.